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We use a proven framework to drive new client engagement opportunities 

"I was stunned how much research he put into my campaign to ensure it would be a success...within 90 days, I earned 100K!"

Michael Whelan | Managing Partner | The PalioGroupSA
Executive Search Firm | China Placement Division

"LeadLaunch helped us get acquired for a 7-Figure Offering. If you want new business engagement opportunities, I'd strongly recommend them!"

Michael Cizmar | President & Co-Founder | MC+A
Technology Services Consultancy

LeadLaunch is a B2B client acquisition agency that works with successful business executives, consultants, and founders from around the world to help accelerate sales opportunities within their ideal client market. Our niche is in knowing how to skillfully combine LinkedIn with email in a strategic manner to position you in such a way as to motivate your prospective clients to connect and engage with you resulting in new business opportunities, market share and revenues. 

Where We Can Help  

Client Acquisition 

MVP Feedback / Survey

Looking To Raise Capital 

Increase Business Connections

Grow Channel & Reseller Sales

Host Local Event Or Webinar

Increase Social Influence

Trigger Marketing 

Rainmakers Do The Following:

 Leverage Their Time 
Delegate Lower Pay-Off Tasks 
 Maximize Highest Revenue Generating Activities 
Create On-Going Business Opportunity Engagements

Business Engagement Opportunities

How We Do It

Step 1
Discovery Process

Step 2
Client-Centric LinkedIn Profile

Step 3
Lead Market Research

Step 4
Campaign Messaging Strategy

Step 5
Connect & Engage 

Step 6
LinkedIn Sequence Marketing

Step 7
Email Sequence Marketing

Step 8
Pipeline Managment

Step-by-Step Process 

The Details

Step 1 - Discovery Process

In our initial Discovery Process, we'll review your current sales and marketing and how it relates to this new marketing plan. We'll also analyze your 'Ideal Client Profile': Who are they, what are their pain points, and how do you solve them? We also review the importance of segmenting your market and how it correlates with the success of your campaign objectives. It's not good enough to say I sell to tech companies as an example...so do another 10,000 companies. You must segment your marketing to a specific profile. It's best to start with a vertical you're looking to purse that you already have the social proof wins/case studies with. This will create a higher reply rate as your prospects will feel you understand their needs and you have success in this area.  

Step 2 - Client-Centric Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile is the number one place your prospective client will form an opinion of you as to whether they'll do business with you...or not. It's vital that your profile is properly setup to showcase your likable, talented, and credible. Your profile is designed to speak to your clients needs...not your accomplishments. We'll help you craft a headline, summary, and complete profile that will move your prospective client to connect, and ultimately, engage with you. 

Step 3 - Lead Market Research

LinkedIn is the heart of where we pull your leads to target your ideal client. In this next step, we'll use LinkedIn's advanced search abilities including Boolean and unique group searches to pull targeted and segmented leads. We'll use filters such as geo, industry, company size, title, 2/3rd degree, and group searches. LinkedIn can be extremely fickle and arduous when executing coordinated campaigns. They have limits of how and when you can pull data, hence, an example of why such daily tasks would not be the best use of a sales executives time. Why doe we use LinkedIn even though there's issues like these to deal with? There are over 400 million professionals there, this is why. 

Step 4 - Campaign Messaging

Connecting with your prospective client through LinkedIn Messenger and your emails is at the heart of this course. It's not only about what you say, but it's how you say it, and how often you say it. Based on our initial Discovery Meeting, we'll write copy that will motivate your prospective client to what to reply to you. Our successful messaging is written to motivate a specific titled professional (i.e. CEO, CIO, CTO, COO) within a specific vertical (i.e. Financial, Healthcare, Enterprise Backup Software) based on a set up known pain points and better yet, unseen risks or upcoming changes that you can help them with. In fact, you have proven case studies we'll share with them allowing them to feel confident in your abilities and that you understand their current needs. We'll draft copy for a 30 day cadence, or about 8 messages. 

"I received more
positive replies
in the last 60 days from LeadLaunch 
than I did all year long on my own."

Michael Whelan, CEO

Step 5 - Connect & Engage

We use a custom designed live cloud-based Lead Tracker on Google Sheets for you to track all your activities 24/7. We track the names, LinkedIn URL's, and emails of each prospect. We also track when we send out your LinkedIn messaging, when they replied, what they said, email analytics, and we keep track of your LinkedIn standings of how many new LinkedIn connections we added to your account, your Profile views, and how you rank against your connections and peers...the "whole 9 yards." This is our main tool we use to launch daily 'Connect and Engage' messaging campaigns. 

Step 6 - LinkedIn Sequences

Once we've extracted your leads, we'll use software to automate connecting with your targeted leads on LinkedIn. We'll update your Campaign Lead Tracker in Google Sheets as to when and who we look to connect you with. Once they connect with you, we'll send a personal message out to them. If they reply, we'll text or email you who replied so you can immediately follow up. If they don't reply, we'll message them again and if they still don't reply, we'll then put them on an email sequenced campaign for the next several weeks. They'll be more apt to reply as we reference you're connected with them on LinkedIn.

Step 7 - Email Sequences

For those that do not initially reply to our LinkedIn connection request (messaging is coming from you, not us), we'll initiate a personalized email campaign referencing we tried to connect with them on LinkedIn. They'll know that we attempted to reach them as our outreach will ping their LinkedIn account. We see higher reply rates in our email outreaches because they're notified you've viewed their LinkedIn Profile. Separately, as stated earlier, another group we'll reach out to on your behalf are those that accepted your connection request, but did not reply to your follow up messages. We'll reference the fact you're 1st degree connections and that you we're unable to reach them via LinkedIn, thereby helping to increase your email reply rate once again. We'll send 'persona-based' personalized messaging over a month long email cadence designed to motivate your prospect to connect and engage with you on how you can help solve their pain points.  

Step 8 - Pipeline Management

Once your prospective client replies to you, you now have a 'lead'. In order to turn leads into clients,  you must have a documented process in place prior to starting. If not, you will be unable to properly stay on top of all your leads. This will lead to lost opportunities. You will need to have your 'system' in place such as your CRM, your follow up messages, sales collateral, etc.  Some of our clients use Salesforce, some use Pipedrive, or Close.io. Either way, if you don't already have a system, we'll help set one up for you.  

We're serious about creating business engagement opportunities for you.

Personalized LinkedIn and
Email Messaging

Custom Campaign Lead Tracker To Track Your Lead Gen Activities

Increase LinkedIn Connections, Ratings, and Opportunites

Why LeadLaunch? 

No Long Term Agreements

Training Available

LinkedIn & Email Marketing

Ideal Client Profile Leads

Client-Centric LinkedIn Profile 

Messaging Strategy

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Daily Client Engagements

Time Is Money 

Use Leverage and Delegation to maximize your business engagement opportunities

Delegating monotonous lower payoff marketing activities just makes sense! Sales executives responsible for their own ongoing marketing are, at best inconsistent, and at worst, highly overpaid for what they do. We both know this.

"More than just a lead generation, a trusted advisor. Thoroughly understands B2B marketing. Will take your sales to the next level!"

Rovin Singh | Principal | Evolyst Consulting
Global Management Consulting

"Extremely helpful, highly intelligent. Understands precisely how to connect you with your ideal client to develop business opportunities!"

Ankur Chaudhary | Founder | Socialtrail.io
Sales Enablement SaaS 


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